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MedTest Announces Availability of a 25-OH Vitamin D Assay for the BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer

Apr 21, 2016 - press releases

(Canton, Michigan)  MedTest announced today the availability of a 25-OH Vitamin D Assay for the BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer.  MedTest is the exclusive US distributor of the BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer including manufacturing and distribution of reagents, calibrators and quality control products for the general chemistry and drugs of abuse testing markets in the United States and Canada.  Addition of a Vitamin D assay to the BS-480 Analyzer broadens the extensive menu with drugs of abuse reagents for urine drug screening, a full menu of chemistry tests and specialty tests like HbA1c and Lp(a).

The Vitamin D assay is simple to add and simple to run on the BS-480 analyzer.  Reagents are liquid, ready to use. Total automation eliminates manual sample pretreatment steps.  Results from serum, heparinized plasma or EDTA plasma samples are available in 20 minutes.  The assay offers a broad assay range of 7.6 – 147.8 ng/mL.

Hanjoon Ryu, CEO of MedTest, stated: “Historically, Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with bone diseases such as rickets and osteomalacia. Recent clinical studies suggest that Vitamin D deficiency is also associated with increases in cardiovascular disease, cancer and infection.  Measurement of 25-OH Vitamin D is necessary for aiding correct interpretations of a patient’s status and enables physicians to intervene to minimize these diseases. The addition of the 25-OH Vitamin D Assay to our BS-480 analyzer allows physicians and laboratories to easily offer this test without having to purchase a dedicated analyzer thereby increasing their productivity and utility of a general chemistry analyzer.”

About MedTest:  MedTest is a diagnostics company that provides automated, fast, and cost effective blood and urine testing solutions for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, drugs of abuse, pain management and wellness testing.  In June 2013, MedTest acquired Pointe Scientific, a company that has been developing, manufacturing and distributing clinical diagnostic products including clinical chemistry reagents and instruments in the United States and internationally since 1981.  In the fall of 2014, MedTest acquired Clinitox Diagnostix, a company that manufactures and supports drug confirmatory testing via Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS).

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Debbie Whitehair, MT(ASCP)SC
Vice President, Marketing


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